UX of mailto

Written on 20 October, 2012

“mailto” hyperlinks in HTML have a bad rep that I’ve never really understood.

I generally prefer launching my mail client with an autofilled address, over deciphering a [at]/[dot] style address (i.e. the least human friendly thing ever), or an overly complex contact form.

Nonetheless, clicking a hyperlink and watching Mail.app launch when I wasn’t expecting it seems to occur a lot more than it should. If you decide to include a mailto link, I encourage you to use one of these two display methods.

  • Use the email address as anchor text. If people see an email address with your website’s hyperlink styling, they’ll assume that their mail client will launch on click. It’s a standardised design pattern. Anything other than an email address (e.g. “contact me”, “get in touch”, etc), and the user will assume that they’ll be taken to a new page. Unless you…
  • …alert the user about what the link is going to do. Use a tooltip, and reveal a message on hover - “launch your email client” or a nicer sounding alternative. While I generally favour using the email address as the anchor, I’m aware that this can look a little out of place when placed inside a traditional navigation area. So, if you do vary the anchor text, give your users a warning.

Remember, people still use software like Outlook, and no one wants that opening when they’re not expecting it.

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