Written on 5 February, 2014

Recently it’s seemed like talking about your accomplishments and progression has become a bad thing. More and more people I stay in touch with online (most notably on Twitter) seem to be avoiding any mention of their better moments in life incase it gets inferred as bragging.

This really makes me sad. Earlier on in my career I found a lot of inspiration and drive from seeing peers jet-setting around the world, building companies, selling companies, buying the latest gadget thing, moving to a lavish flat or working space, and generally reaping the benefits of an industry that tends to give a lot back.

Sure, some of these may seem like materialistic things and achievements, but I’d rather the reader work out their own priorities and inspirations for themselves, instead of being denied it from the author over a silly fear of upsetting someone. If you personally want to share less via your internet persona, then that’s totally cool. Just don’t let someone else’s judgment make that decision for you.

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