Tundra is a direct e-commerce platform that simplifies buying, selling, and shipping products for businesses.

For product creators and suppliers, it enables them to create a storefront, then market and sell their products — safe in the knowledge that the more technical aspects and logistics “just work”. Tundra handles shipping and tax, making sales super simple for sellers.

Tundra is also perfect for buyers looking to inject their stores with some fantastic products. They can browse storefronts and products on Tundra, filled with high res imagery and video, and then make a purchase quickly and easily.

A gradual revamp

I started working with Tundra during the summer of 2016. The platform had grown massively since its small beginnings, and was in desperate need of some design focus, which had largely been bottom of the priority list since the start.

Initially, we looked at redesigning the core pages that were more relevant for marketing and conversions — homepage, about page, info for sellers page, etc. These allowed a little more freedom for real design exploration, compared to the actual e-commerce platform which was a little more fragile. The Tundra redesign has certainly been a gradual stage by stage project. We’ll focus on a particular area or feature, then design, build, and launch it. Then on to the next one.

Tundra homepage

The about page

The sellers page

Improving search and browsing

Next up, we focused on making big changes and improvements to the actual e-commerce platform.


With some fantastic development work on the search feature complete, making results load incredibly quickly (as you type), I had some great motivation to get the interface up to scratch.

I produced designs that emphasised brands far more, with search analytics showing far more storefront searches than previously assumed. Room was included for flexible promotions from Tundra (invitation CTAs, trending brands, etc). And the key content — products — were laid out in a tidy 3 column, infinite-loading grid.

Tundra search


The previous storefront had been too text-heavy, and struggled with the big variance between storefronts product numbers — many just have 2 products, while many others have over 50.

I introduced space for a large cover image at the top, for suppliers to customise as they wish. Within the product grid is space for a featured product, while the sizing adjusts to suit both low and high product counts (i.e. just having 1 or 2 products still looks neat).

Tundra storefront

Product pages

Tundra's product pages have a little more complexity than the average online store. Pricing tiers exist to encourage buyers to buy larger quantities, while shipping cost calculations are a vital feature for purchases right from the start. Multiple product attributes can also exist, alongside both imagery and video.

We implemented an interface that clearly communicates the tiering system for each product. As the user enters their quantity number, the interface will instantly update to show the relevant tier.

The option to calculate shipping clearly exists right from the start, but is ultimately an optional area of the form. I worked hard on getting the balance right to show this visually.

Tundra product page

Seller tools

Seller tracking and actioning

After sellers receive an order, not only do they need to track and view its progress, they also need to perform actions at certain stages — accept the order, confirm pickup time slot, etc. I spent a sprint redesigning this whole area to clearly communicate the overall order details, the current and upcoming stages, and the actions required by the seller. This redesign was actually promoted with an animated demo of the flow:

Tracking tools for sellers

Tracking an order

Creating a storefront

A clear, enlarged form for creating a new storefront. Designed to encourage utilisation of the pricing tiers system.

Tundra - create a new storefront

Seller storefront analytics

With the dev team managing to build a simple analytics view for sellers, I got to work designing and developing a simple front-end to view the stats.

Tundra analytics

Buyer views

Buyers tracking and actioning

Like sellers, buyers needed an area where they could track orders and submit actions too.

Tundra - buyer tracking

Shopping cart

Tundra - shopping cart


Tundra - checkout