Lost My Name make customisable books for children. I joined them for the winter of 2014/2015, where our small team explored new ideas around their second book — in new and experimental book creation experiences on the web, the crossover with storytelling online, and the physical book/story itself.

The new book would simply be a story about a child returning home from a space adventure, with more customisation offered than the first book, where the only unique input was the child's name.

My work was focussed around fast paced designing, prototyping, and testing, mainly in the area of the book creation onboarding. The core challenge in researching and creating far more exciting and unique book creation flows, while maintaining or improving on existing purchasing conversion rates.

The prototypes

Included below is a selection from the various explorations, including both video and static screenshots.

Note, due to the fast paced, experimental nature of this design brief, multiple ideas and explorations were prioritised over perfectly finessed design and interactions. They'll be some intended imperfections, dummy book covers, and slightly random content below. Aka, please forgive me for that dismal flight animation.

From landing page, to book creation, to book preview

A quick video demo of a flow with some of the more refined visual design.

This also happened to be put together during a period where we were exploring the option of multiple stories under the overarching book title.

Some visual design variances, alongside a more step-by-step flow

Refining this flow a little more

I reduced the number of steps by merging the character picker into the initial form. This then became the standard going forward (as shown in the first video/prototype) after successful testing.

Some further visual design experimentation

Applied to minimal landing page layouts.

Exploring the book preview and checkout prompt

This was mainly applying and testing a handful of different visual design styles, while also exploring how post-creation customisation should work, and how it should balance alongside purchase prompts.

Project wrap up

After a few months of prototyping, I left the team so the full-timers could take the various explorations into further testing and refinement sprints, and also more importantly, speed up progress with the actual book! The second book was eventually launched in the autumn of 2015. While the creation flow eventually swayed towards a return to the safe, proven creation experience of the first book, the journey to the conclusion was definitely a whole lot of fun.

The now titled "The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home" can be viewed and purchased here.