Stevie and Tom at Honest Work got in touch with their fantastic ideas for a new kind of jobs board. One with no recruiters, full salary/process transparency, freelancer support, truly useful search tools… and founders with a genuine vision of making job hunting far easier and enjoyable.

I worked with them to bring their product ideas into a neat, responsive interface — all tying in with smart, minimal brand.

Homepage / jobs, filtering

Honest Work homepage
Filtering jobs
Honest Work on mobile

Visual design

Early stage work was a process of working out the ideal visual style for the UI. The brief included a desire for this to feel inspired by Wes Anderson, almost a cliché within digital design these days, but actually super visually fresh for something as traditionally stagnant and soulless as the jobs board market.

Armed with Futura (obviously) and a handful of movie colour palettes, I started exploration. Finding the balance between quirky touches and usable minimalism was key. My favoured method for finding this is producing two versions which purposely lean too much to each side respectively, enabling a third middle ground version which successfully merges both.

Early exploration

Settling on a palette

Inspired with a blend of Wes and Comet (2014).

Scene from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Scene from Comet

Interface design

I'd roughly explored layout and interactions while producing the early visual designs. However, with a look-and-feel settled on, I properly started working on real interface sketches and high fidelity designs.

I wanted to design for scale, but not too much. Numerous jobs boards utilise table design to present jobs and data… but this is exactly what I didn't do. These can be great when dealing with 1000's of jobs, but for small to medium boards, tables can be needlessly messy and complex.

Only the important stuff has been included within the UI, literally ever piece of content serves a purpose. We wanted a minimalist layout and experience to match the minimalist visual design being developed. No crappy featured jobs, pricing promotions, client portfolio, etc. This was also a great step to remove any bias towards companies, and leave the prioritisation between applicant flows and post-a-job flows totally even (super rare in comparison to most jobs boards who really push for money from companies).

A job, applicant dashboard

A job on Honest Work
Mobile job view Mobile job view
Applicant dashboard

Posting a job

The main challenge with designing this flow was to seamlessly blend in the other tasks surrounding a job post — account creation, company creation, and payment — while not distracting the customer if they've already completed some of these tasks.

I split these tasks into defined steps to make everything far more manageable, with steps being automatically skipped if already sorted.

Posting a job - description stage

Posting a job

Designing with Hamish

I worked alongside the super talented illustrator, Stephen Waller, who worked on the design of "Hamish", a canine mascot for Honest Work.

Hamish was perfect for adding character to both the logo and the interface, consolidating the friendly brand vibe super effectively.

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