Hailo is a free mobile app which puts people two taps away from a licensed taxi or executive car.

By summer 2014, Hailo was available in 7 countries and experiencing relentless growth, while shipping consistent improvements to their iOS and Android apps. Their web platform however, had been heavily rejected thus far.


I worked with Hailo to produce a new version of their website. Leading the design and contributing to the front-end development, we managed to release a V1 within a 10 week period.

The Hailo homepage

Hailo locations page

Hailo in London

Icon illustrations throughout the site by Vic Bell.


Included within the project was a new web styleguide, initially providing the base for the new website, but also providing design patterns for numerous internal tools and web based products in the future. This also helped develop far more consistency with the native apps.

Hailo Hub

One of these products was where I switched my attention to next — Hailo Hub.

Hailo Hub is an online booking tool for hotels, restaurants, businesses and venues. It was Hailo's first venture into web bookings, and I worked on the design for V1.

It allows these businesses to book taxis for customers at the front desk in seconds. Like the Hailo app, the customer and driver are kept fully up to date with the journey progress.

Hailo Hub listings

Hailo Hub booking

Adding a pickup location

Booking details

Navigation active

Hailo Hub on the website

The Hailo Hub design progression was a testament to the power of taking things away. The initial beginnings of the product had lacked a design lead, and passed between far too many engineers. With so many people involved and their varying ideas, the initial UI had become a very bloated, overly complicated thing to use.

After joining the project, I really focused on removing feature and UI bloat, priotising current job updates over new bookings, and optimising it for tablet usage (which we knew would dominate the customer market).

Reinventing a functional but complicated internal prototype…

The older version

In to a leaner, simpler, V1 for public release.

Hailo Hub listings