To begin my work on Ekko, I needed to create a brand identity and promotional site for them to launch a beta with.

As Ekko is Facebook powered, I wanted to get a subtle reference to the social network in their logo and colour palette, showing that Facebook is the source, and Ekko the result.

The project concluded nicely into design work full of quirky colours, abstract shapes, immersive animation, and warm typography.

Ekko homepage

Completing the web app

This base brand style guide was then utilised to produce designs for areas of the web app — sign in and sign up flows, and the main Ekko dashboard for site and account management. At this early stage, the dashboard feature set is relatively minimal, but the interface design should be a strong UI to grow from and add features to.

Ekko dashboard

Choose an Ekko theme

Ekko settings

Designing a theme

I also worked on a theme for Ekko to offer to their customers. Setting my own brief, I wanted something that could be a good generalist theme; avoiding being overly opinionated with its target market, content presentation, and visual style. But I did want to bring through some personality with strong colour choices and large typography.

"Funk" offers a strong blue and soft red palette, an eye catching introduction area, Masonry style feeds for the posts and gallery items, small blocks to promote services, specialities, and opening times, and clear contact details at the bottom.

Funk - an Ekko theme