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Honest Work is the jobs board of your dreams. Fully transparent salaries, no recruiters, real remote work support, full-time and freelance roles, and easy applications.


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Tundra is a direct ecommerce platform, helping remove the headaches in product buying and selling for businesses. I've worked with them on a gradual website redesign.


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Ekko turns your Facebook page into a real, working website. I helped design and develop the identity, website, and app interface for Ekko.


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Hailo is a free mobile app which puts people two taps away from a licensed taxi or executive car. I worked on their new website and web booking product.

Lost My Name

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Lost My Name make customisable books for children. I joined them to explore new ideas around their second book - in new and experimental book creation experiences on the web, the crossover with story telling online, and the physical book/story itself.