I'm a digital product designer based in Nottingham, UK. I get excited about working with great companies, and building great products. If you're interested in hiring me, find out more about how I work.

Alongside freelance design, I co-founded and am currently working on Plot, an iOS app for movie fans.

I'm scoping out new projects to work on, so email hello@jacksmith.is if you're after helping hands.

Here's some of my recent and ongoing work (check out more on my projects page)

Plot — a movie fan's best friend

Read a little more about my work on Plot

Redesigning Hailo on the web

hailoapp.com, a web styleguide, and Hailo's new web booking

Prototyping and children's books

A case study on designing the creation flow for Lost My Name's new book

I also very sporadically write about design. Here's the pieces that people seem to have enjoyed most: